Pinky Candelabro


Bubble Pinky Collection was born thanks to the personal challenge of using the most basic form of blown glass, the sphere, as a protagonist in the design of pieces for daily use that, adding the vaporization of gold, obtain its peculiar
color iridescence. This is how I get exclusive and collectible objects as a result. hand-blown borosilicate glass + color acquired by the gold fuming technique.

Product Care: This is piece was made with borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness and resistance. However to handle properly and preserve the colors please: Avoid fall and hard knocks. For cleaning use only water and cotton fabrics without any kind of chemical product. 

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Size & Fit

8x 8 x 12cm


This item will be produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from Spain within 1-2 weeks.