Salvia Softbra Chess


Bust Size

Soft bra, a light, comfortable hold, one that doesn't pinch one you can't feel. Wireless, comfortable. To be adjusted at the straps and in the back with a hook. 

Better a little tighter at the beginning like a hug over time it adapts to you. Measure your underbust, for the perfect fit, it will be worth it. Take your time for the first fitting, keep it on for 30 minutes.

The colors - an interplay of iridescent coal black and a delicate pearl tone. They combine to form a very special piece reminiscent of a chessboard.

Composition:  19.8 Elastane, 26.0 Cotton, 13.0 Viscose, 41.1 Polyamide. What makes the tip unique is its 40% natural fiber content. That's why it feels so particularly soft and fine.

Care: Hand wash only. Since the pieces are sewn by hand in our studio, there may be minimal deviations.

Made in Austria

Size & Fit

Here you will find a short overview of our cup sizes:

A and small B: XS or S for a retro vibe
B and small C: S or M for a retro vibe
C and small D: L or XL for a retro vibe
D: XL or help us testing the retro vibe and write to

If you have a larger lower chest circumference (80/85 in our sizes), the sizes "shift upwards".
For example, A and a small B turn into an S or M for a retro vibe.

The lower chest sizes of our soft bras are similar to those of other labels.
For in-between sizes, we recommend the smaller size, as the material will soften slightly over time.


Made to order. Lead time of 10 - 20 business days. Shipped from Austria