PA Chair 'Nylon Chair'


Made from a high-performance Polyethene board and nylon rods. Both materials common in industry for its durability and low friction. These materials have a low melting point and is possible to reuse. Its natural color is white, and they have I slight transparency that give a very nice light absorption. The polyethene board does not absorb water, however the nylon does. This then makes it possible to fit the pieces together using only friction. Water makes the nylon expand slightly and prevents it from loosening from the hole. A similar technique but reversed can be used with fresh woods.

The backrest and rear legs are made from the same rod. The bend is made through applying heat and then bending, not far from how you would do with a wooden piece. The shape is fixed when the temperature drops again. The holes are made with a wooden drill and matches the exact diameter of the legs.

Dimensions: H:720mm, B: 250mm, D: 420mm

Seat height: 450mm

Weight: 7 kg 

Made and shipped from Sweden

One-of-a-kind piece