Discovery Set, Selection of Samples


Nearly the whole fragrance world of Pigmentarium, and four years of effort, in only a small box. A set of five mini perfume bottles invites creative experimentation. MURMUR, PARADISO, EROTIKON, GENESIS, or AD LIBITUM? Very different character fragrances you can wear like you wear very different clothes. You can then experience several evenings of the upcoming social season, and every time with a new perfume. Play with disguises and stylization. Beauty is hidden under the surface in Pigmentarium perfumes and can be surprising. It breaks down stereotypes and opens new dimensions of self-expression. Will you be seduced to try something new or different? 

Size & Fit

5x 3ml / 4x 0,12 Fl.Oz


This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 5 working days from the Czech Republic.