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mussels and muscles
Big Spheres Earcuff
Smoky QuartzLemon AgateCherry QuartzRock CrystalLight Blue ChalcedonyGreen JadeMagnesite
mussels and muscles
Small Luminous Earcuff
SmokyLight BlueLight GreenCrystalGreenPurple
mussels and muscles
Small Spheres Earcuff
Rock CrystalLight Blue ChalcedonyCherry QuartzGreen Jade
mussels and muscles
Pebbles Earrings No2
From $253.00
Rock crystal hemispheres / Rock crystal pebblesBlack onyx hemispheres / Smoky quartz pebblesSmoky quartz hemispheres / Smoky quartz pebblesPink opal hemisphere / Rose quartz pebblesLight blue chalcedon hemispheres / Jade pebblesChalcedon hemispheres / Chalcedon pebblesPink opal hemispheres / Chalcedon pebblesLemon agate hemispheres / Rose quartz pebblesPink opal hemispheres / Jade pebbles
mussels and muscles
Spheres Choker
From $399.00
Rose QuartzLight Blue ChalcedonyJade