Trāns Pelvis Os, 2021


Trans Pelvis In Fluorescent Color

The artist's words about the work (short version):

'I can not give birth to a child, can not give that to my partner. Maybe that's why it's harder for me to meet a (cis) man? Maybe that's why I'm not as interesting as a life partner in the heteronormative world built upon a nuclear family construction.
I now pass as a woman after transitioning from boy to woman at 20, I now belong to straightness, predictability, it all turns grey. I both like it there a lot, but also miss my colourful queer self.

When they find skeletons from the past, the first thing they do is to identify whether it is a male or female skeleton by looking at the pelvis. Women have a wider more flexible pelvis that gives space for giving birth to children. Men have slimmer and higher. But mistakes have been made when identification has been done before. Recently they realised the skeleton of a “warrior king” they found a few years ago was actually the skeleton of a “warrior queen” or perhaps a “warrior trans queen”? If they find me many years after I’ve died (if our civilisation still exists then) they will think I was a man because of my pelvis, the pelvis I can not change like so many other things. My face I got in USA, my vagina in Thailand, my breasts and hips grew out in Sweden, my hair in Vietnam. The face I got with the help of surgery, the body fat with hormones, the sex with surgery, the hair with hair removal and hair transplants. But I can’t change the pelvis and a womb cannot be created for me. Am I then a real woman some people would ask?

This is partly a sorrow for me, this is a road I can’t take, an impossibility.

These colors are the traditional colors created by the heteronormative society to point at “boy” and “girl”, but also the colors symbolising the trans struggle. They glow and come alive in the dark, but only in the dark, sensitive to light. In the protection of the dark, in the clubs, the queer world can be free glowing in fluorescent colors.'

Care info: Do not touch the sculpture with bare hands, please use protective gloves to avoid fingerprints.

Material: Acrystal, fluorescent pigments. The sculpture glows in UV light.

The piece comes in an edition of 5.

Made in Sweden.


Size & Fit

Dimensions: 19 cm x 25 cm x 24 cm. Weight: 1442 g


Dispatched within 1 week from Sweden