Silver River Reflections N2


In the technical game through which i distort the matter challenging its limits, heating and melting, stretching, blowing and modelling, the artist manage to represent the different states that water manifests as a consequence of the space / time situation, the intervention of the environment where it is found. , actions of movement by the influence of the inherent activity of the ground, the sky, the wind, the human intention.

Materials: Hand-blown borosilicate glass + mirroring technique using liquid silver + cement base

Product Care: This is piece was made with borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness and resistance. However to handle properly and preserve the colors please: Avoid fall and hard knocks. For cleaning use only water and cotton fabrics without any kind of chemical product. 

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Size & Fit

32x 25 x 7 cm


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