Featured Accessory Designer

Quinta Maso

It all begins with the family of Paula Maso, Creative Director of the brand. Their fun and carefree spirit was forged at a house in Caracas called Quinta Maso -did you know that quinta means house in Spanish?-. In that tropical family house, music, culture and creativity ruled, and ultimately gave shape to the personality that is reflected today in each of the pieces of Quinta Maso. Paula Maso, founder and Creative Director..

Featured Designer

Alexander Khabbazi

Alexander is an emerging artist from London. Having left his previous career as an architectural designer behind to dedicate himself to art, he now explores the relationship between line, color, and typography. These graphic experiments seamlessly combine digital and physical techniques to create singular, vivid artworks. Since taking the leap, Alexander has made a mark on the art and design community, being featured..

Featured Jewellery Designer

Julia Bartsch

Julia Bartsch is a season-less jewellery brand created in 2021 by designer and jewellery maker Julia Bartsch. Each piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted from 925 Sterling silver by the designer herself in her Paris- based atelier. Characterised by sensual, organic shapes and a natural fluidity, each piece is designed to naturally interact with the wearer’s body. Julia Bartsch offers a premium selection of jewellery that..

Featured Fashion Designer


MARTHA is not just an individual; it is an organic entity. A collaborative organization of creatives working under the same aesthetic and artistic direction to bring unique luxury goods and high fashion womenswear. Inspired by its Caribbean and African heritage MARTHA brings a new take on luxury. By reshaping traditional garments, they want to encourage self-expression. With their energetic and bold color palette..

Featured Fashion Designer

JETPACK hom(m)e®

JETPACK hom(m)e unisex clothing line has a menswear focus and fit that takes a spin on classic menswear shapes. The name, “JETPACK”, as a metaphor of breaking free, being weightless and unbound, going for the skies and the stars. The option (m) from “hom(m)e” refers to the brand's intention to be unisex (“homme” as the French word for "man"), along with collections being developed and conceptualized at a home..

Featured Artist

Elena Antonishina

Elena Antonishina is currently based in Stockholm. She is attending the University of Arts, Crafts, and Design (Konstfack) where she is studying ceramics and glass. Previously, she worked with photography for almost ten years. Her ceramic sculptures are narrative, they have intertwined Slavic mythology, riddles, memories from childhood, and present feelings and experiences. Elena Antonishina started to work with..