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Unique graphic prints are mixed with classical references through the combination of sharp tailoring, craft details, and stretchy fit silhouettes. Each element, classical or eccentrical, projects a certain edginess and finds its proper place, and highlights the other.


Mayben, the creative force behind Daysinshell, is a jewelry artist with a background in Greek art archaeology and formal training from Tokyo's jewelry school. Since launching in 2022, Daysinshell has become a haven for those seeking distinctive jewelry that embodies a fusion of nature and artistry. Explore the world of Daysinshell and be part of a new species of jewelry enthusiasts.


MAITREPIERRE founder, Alphonse Maitrepierre graduated from visual arts school and fashion la cambre in 2016 before working as assistant stylist to Jean Paul Gaultier in his haute couture studio, and working as a part time costume designer, for Chanel and Acne Studios. Alphonse Maitrepierre launched his own label ‘MAITREPIERRE’ in 2018. Collections are all designed, and made in Paris in collaborations with artists.


Altra, a brand rooted in nature, crafts scents using 100% natural materials, reshaping the essence of fragrance. Three distinct collections—Skin Scents, Altra Intense, and Future Florals—transport users into a new, ethereal realm. Embracing a Profuture® mindset, Altra honors nature's gifts while striving for transparency and regeneration. Co-founded by Beckielou Brown and Bridget Plant, the brand champions a sustainable ethos. Beckielou, the Perfume-Creator, redefines scent by blending nature and urban landscapes in her evocative compositions.

Gnilmyd Kcab

Gnilmyd Kcab was founded by fashion designer Ann-Sofie Back and marketer Mattias Dymling.  They create and produce accessories for the home and office. "I was curious how my thinking translated into interior design and see it as a natural progression of me as a fashion designer. I found it very inspiring to move away from the body and into the home", says Ann-Sofie. "Design is communication and I love how things speak differently, so to me, the home should be an ongoing conversation and I want our objects to be part of it", says Mattias.