Petroleum Ringlet Earrings, Dark Green


The creative process behind Ringlet earrings stands out among my favorite technical developments. The lightness of these pieces is due to the fact that the glass is not solid, but a tube. a small portion that we heat until almost melting it (but without closing the air gap) to the exact point where the material allows us to leave the fire and begin to stretch and dominate this soft matter until we find the exact point (just before it cools and hardens) where we begin to curl in rollers the glass strip heats up to obtain the expression / image / design we are looking for. a technique above all random, difficult to control and above all difficult to replicate.
getting the pair to go with each piece is another challenge. but they will never be the same, not even within the pair.

Sold as a pair

Materials: borosilicate glass, gold plated silver Or silver plated silver hand-blown borosilicate glass + color acquired by the gold fuming technique + gold plated silver.

Product Care: This is piece was made with borosilicate glass which stands out for its hardness and resistance. However to handle properly and preserve the colors please: Avoid fall and hard knocks. For cleaning use only water and cotton fabrics without any kind of chemical product. 

Made in Barcelona, Spain

Size & Fit

7 cm x 3cm. Sold as a pair


This item will be produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from Spain within 1-2 weeks.