As we approach the halfway mark of 2017, we are taking a step back and acknowledging the diversity of expression as it exists around us. Everyone’s way of living in this complex world is different, influenced by our upbringings and distinct collections of memories, as well as the subconscious ways we perceive what’s going on around us. So it’s time to celebrate the lifestyles that bring us together and set us apart — our experiences. Experience is not an easy word to define. It can refer to years of practice, to spontaneous moments in time, or even to just the way you interact with the space you find yourself in. But in today’s fast-moving environment, what we consider to be tools of communication have become focused on creating interactive experiences, whether in real life or the development of our online world. Technology is no longer about fulfilling functionality — we are living in a world focused on communication and desire, one of narratives centred around immersive, sensory and intimate experiences that stand out and are worth remembering. This issue is devoted to our interpretation of experience. Our aim was to reveal experiences found in the unique and diverse. We hope it gives you inspiration over the summer months.

Size & Fit

36 x 26 cm


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