Issue #09, NEW AGE


Close your eyes and envision how the butterfly and moths emerge into a winged creature, a complete metamorphosis. The earth, our society, and each and one of us are existing in a constant flow of unfolding/expanding. A deep calling from within (“survival of the fittest”, “natural selection) to learn from our experiences and move forward in evolution.

Trial and error, sometimes we reach a point where we need to start over and do better. Our world today, no need to ignore this fact, is facing many challenges. Environmental, economical, political, and sociological structures are being tested and all weak links are falling away. The world is in a “shape-shifting” state of mind, where old structures demand to be changed/transformed. It is a time of purification and renewal as we are stepping into the new age.

No need for future tripping! There is a beauty to this “chaos” as our instinct begins to speak louder and louder. A burst of creativity is being released as the transformation begins, future visions are taking shape and form in a fortune-telling kind of way...

For this issue, The Forumist has tapped into that creativity across the globe and together with all our collaborators we have caught a glimpse of the future. The new age can not be defined in an ordinary rational kind of way, it is a metamorphosis of dreams, desires, and ambition. And as you read through these pages we hope that you in a kaleidoscope kind of way get a feel for the new age to come.

Size & Fit

36 x 26 cm


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