Issue #06, URBAN


It’s time to return to our roots and where The Forumist’s true life lessons were learnt. Looking back at our most powerful memories of the past, the visuals are always of dirty subway stations, busy streets and abandoned industrial buildings, the lyrics are those of A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Run DMC, and the ground- breaking sounds come from Joy Division, The Cure, Talking Heads and Happy Mondays. It makes us realise that we are urban animals in our hearts and souls. As the days get shorter and weather colder, instead of hibernating, we head back into the hub, the city, the place we came from. We want to be inspired and to inspire others, to tune into the rhythm of urban life. This, and the questions surrounding what is affecting our daily modern existence, became the focus of issue 6. The diversity of the intermingling lives, all the genders and ethnicities gathered within each city, is the essence of what keeps an epicentre generating energy, innovation and excitement. We asked our collaborators to tap into the inner pulse of different places around the globe. We hope that what they found gives you more reasons to keep on fighting, moving on and evolving.

Size & Fit

36 x 26 cm


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