Issue #04, PERFORM


In each issue of The Forumist we like to take a
magnifying glass and highlight a theme that is
important to us. For this issue we have chosen to
go back to an inspiration that The Forumist was
founded on and the the main force that keeps us
going: the art of performance.
The word "perform" has many different
meanings for us, so we wanted to delve deeper
into the actions that we. as humans, do every
day. Life is one long-running performance
- We
are constantly performing in order to achieve
our goals in life and the philosophical possibility
of reaching higher levels in the one after. What
we perform today matters, as these actions are
creating our present and the history of the future.
In this issue we have gathered together known
and unknown professional performers to share
with you their guidelines and personal points of
view. We hope this will serve as inspiration to all
of vou to go out and do something.

Size & Fit

36 x 26 cm


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