Incense Altar Padouk


The sensually powerful mind play of Incense and contemporary expression of the house of Pigmentarium are married in this Incense holder. Handcrafted to bear elements of a piece of wood-turned furniture, or of an oriental vase to resemble a fragment of its torso. This object designed for burning secret wishes is chiseled from precious timber —  rosewood. In the words of Tereza Stetinova, author and longtime collaborator: “This delicate sculptural holder is not a finished object just yet. It is split in half to unmask its sacred identity, its purpose.” In its mystery, it continues to serve as a masterpiece that unveils a third eye in the middle, acting as a base for the Incense to be placed into. Thereafter, the Incense holder can be perceived as a figure with a pointed hat, or one may unconsciously discover two mirrored faces. Capturing the quiet intimacy of a couple, who savor the scent of Incense in oneness. Tied together by the experience of a hazy aroma for eternity.

Made in Slovakia

Size & Fit

Length: 30 cm, Width: 3,6 cm, Height: 2 cm


This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 5 working days from the Czech Republic.