Durga II Face Jewel

By B Dodi


This face jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind. It features a thin lightweight stainless steel structure with delicate gunmetal-tone chains tipped with black pear-cut Swarovski-crystal drops. The black crystal represents self-control and dedication to one’s spiritual practice.

Inspired by the Hindu tale of the warrior goddess Durga, symbolizing strength, protection, and motherhood, the Durga II Face Chain is an intrinsic face jewelry within the B Dodi collection.

Composition: Stainless Steel + silver and gunmetal hued chains + Swarovski stones

Care instructions: Gently rub the jewelry with a polishing wipe or a clean cotton cloth. It is advised not to store the jewelry in a humid environment.

Size & Fit

In order to find the right size for you, measure your face with a soft tape measure as shown in the drawing, leaving out the ears.
S-M fits approximately 23 to 26,5 cm
M-L fits approximately 26,5 to 30 cm


2-3 weeks lead time