Highland Wildflower Dress


One-of-a-kind piece, artisanal created with limited Deadstock fabrics.

Material: 100% Deadstock Polyester Mesh

Delicate pleated fabric from the 70s’ deadstock, with hand-cut and embroidery details. Slip-in on-the-go dress due to its stretchable nature.

Each piece is handmade by Taste Of Moon and will be unique. Expect slight variances between pieces, due to the unique processes used.

Wash instructions/
Hand wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent.
Lay flat to dry. If machine washing, cover with a washing bag is recommended Do not iron.

This piece can be layered, or worn in several different ways overlaying.

One size fits all. (XS-L) fits the best.


Ready Made, Dispatch Time 2-3 business days from Italy