“Dissolved Monument II and III” - 2 Blue and 3 Red Neon


This includes all 5 objects. 3 red neon and 2 blue neon.

The sculptures Dissolved Monument II and III, showcased, are two works that are part of a larger project, which the artist began in 2019 with her master’s exhibition at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

These sculptures serve as illuminated pathways tracing memories of a deceased friend and a gender confirmation surgery undertaken by the artist in a remote, neon-lit Thai city in 2012. Memories that have started to move into destructive oblivion.
A searching sketch in 3D, to remember, translated into lines in neon and argon. The recollections are fragmented and fragile shards of something that was once coherent. The invisible is made visible. The ethereal medium neon is an invisible gas that exists in the atmosphere and becomes visible after processing and enclosure in glass tubes. The neon’s selected hues, pink and blue, mirror the colors found in the international transflag.

The project A Body of Ghosts has resulted in several exhibitions in Sweden and abroad, as well as a feature film entitled Trans Memoria, which will premiere in 2024.

Materials: Neon light installation. 5 objects

Approximate dimensions: 50-120 cm long, 10-50 cm wide

Rarity: Unique work

Medium: Installation

Condition: Pristine condition.

Signature: Not signed

Certificate of authenticity: Included 

Frame: Not included

Made in Sweden.

Size & Fit

Approximate dimensions: 50 cm length, 15 cm height.


Dispatched within 2 weeks from Sweden