Immerse in the creation of oil or acrylic paintings, glazed ceramic sculptures, or those blow-up steel, original collage artworks, or screenprints of many kinds.


Independent fashion is the spinal core of The Forumist, hand-picked from the young brands of tomorrow that want to push the boundaries of wear.


Contemporary printed silky scarves and bandanas, and bags of all sorts avant-garde bustier-like chest bags in the softest hued tanned leather. We carry it all.


Get yourself a nice selection of screenprints for your walls, set your dinner table with glass shells, and place some pastel steel piped candleholders in your living room.


Independent fashion is the spinal core of The Forumist and we love the diverse creations of our skilful emerging designers.

Promoting Slow And Seasonless, Shipped Directly From An Artist Studio To You


FROLOV is a couture-to-wear brand founded in 2015 by Ivan Frolov – a Ukrainian designer and now a creative director of the brand, recently partcipated in Februari 2023 London Fashion Week.

The aesthetics of FROLOV pieces include corsetry, only lux fabrics, and detailed embellishments. The elastic mesh helps to create a perfect fit and special crystals do not cling to the fabric. One of the key features of the brand is customizing the clothes for the unique measurements of each client and lifetime service on each piece. Through clothes, FROLOV explores and communicates messages the brand feels important to raise. It’s about transsexuals’ culture, BDSM ethics, aesthetics, fetishism, LGBTQ+ movement.

Soda Lingerie

Soda is a Vienna-based label focussing on sustainable lingerie. Founder Susanna has been in touch with the craft of tailoring from her childhood on, with her mother being a passionate tailor.  Following this path, she decided to attend a tailoring school right before founding her first lingerie label together with a good friend. What started out as a leisure project quickly grew and ultimately sparked the foundation of Soda.


Khéla represents the balance between comfy and chic. The brand was founded on the idea that women should not have to sacrifice their style for comfort. The collection is designed for a playful, multi-tasking woman who seeks functional pieces with a sense of occasion and comfort. Through a design-with-purpose attitude, Khéla presents a collection made of high-tech and luxe fabrics that goes from work to play, from day to night.


Every SENTIENT product is crafted with the most quality-driven and sustainable vegan leather alternatives available, carefully selected to avoid harm to animals, to human health, and to our planet. SENTIENT's materials contain no animal-derived ingredients. Launched the vegan leather ready-to-wear and accessories collections using Desserto® cactus vegan leather in 2021.

Sarah Levy

While pursuing this personal project, Sarah collaborates as a freelance accessory designer with French houses such as Hermès, Marine Serre, and Patou. The two approaches to accessory design are complementary for Sarah and fuel her creative process. 

Sarah Levy's commitment to a sustainable approach is implemented in every aspect of production, respect for manufacturers, upcycling for deadstock materials are her priorities. To do so, Sarah has the support of Maison Delvaux that offers her their leather from the best French tanneries. 


Heavy green curtains move behind the large blocks of tinted glass. They reveal the model's delicate silhouette and extremely minimalist styling. We are introducing the first glimpse into the new Pigmentarium campaign, a cross-section of the perfume house's work, illustrating its values and reflecting the self-confidence and personality of its clients.

VÅR/Karl Grandin & Björn Atldax

The work of the duo crosses borders between the ordinary and the surreal. These energetic and prolific images have been featured on book and album covers, textiles, posters, furniture, walls, and in magazines and films. They delve deep into a rich heritage of well-crafted storytelling, abiding myths, and enduring fables.