The Snake Nail Rings Silver, Set

348.200 Ft
By B Dodi


Cast from Sterling Silver 925, our snake nail rings set is an avant-garde design of a coiled snake skeleton and head which is to be worn at the tip of the finger, covering the nail, with the head as an extension of the finger. The ancient serpent represents rebirth and regeneration.

Composition: 100% Sterling Silver

Care instructions: Gently rub the jewelry with a polishing wipe or a clean cotton cloth. It is advised not to store the jewelry in a humid environment.

Size & Fit

Measure your finger circumference with a tailor tape measure, as shown in the image. If you are not sure about your size please get in touch and we'll work together to find the perfect size Adjustable to fit the finger, by slightly opening and closing the metal.

H - J = 47 to 49 mm
K - L = 50 to 52 mm
M -N = 53 to 55 mm
O - P = 56 to 58 mm
Q - R = 59 to 61 mm
U - V = 62 to 64 mm
W - X = 65 to 67 mm


5-6 weeks lead time