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Here is the first issue of the year and the next step in The Forumist’s journey, which started three years ago. Over this period, we have been taken on an interesting roller-coaster of events, set against the backdrop of captivating and puzzling climates, both political and
social. So, for this issue, we decided to explore the concept of a word that has characterised the times we have been living in: generation. It’s a word that is a simple signifier and, on the surface, has specific meaning, but as the times have changed, so the definition of
generation has become more complex. What does it mean today? Is it the moment of birth or is it the bloom of life, or an awakening when our conscious being starts to take form and create a personality. Who decides what generation we belong to and who sets the timelines? What identifies each generation and allots it its moment, revealing its place on the canvas where our evolution is plotted out. Do we still want to live our lives based on definitions set
for a larger group of people, or would we rather decide for ourselves which generation we belong to? Once again we asked our talented collaborators to translate and reveal the answers to these conundrums. The result is another issue full of stories from different generations from all over the world. Enjoy.

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