Issue #10, MAKERS

4.100 Ft

Our focus and attention is challenged by an endless stream of information every day. We are bombarded from multiple sources, with facts and figures moving rapidly like flashlight beams projected in a dark forest by a search party looking for the last bit of the puzzle to solve the mystery of life. This search intensifies and becomes more challenging when all
of our perceptions and expectations based on statistics and researched strategies turn out to be wrong and result in a disappointing outcome. Therefore, we think it’s perhaps time to
reconsider the importance of the subject and settle on the most thoughtful and logical way of moving forward. We are talking about shifting our focus to the essence of the existence of all creation, as well as the force, knowledge and life stories of the creators themselves. So we decided to dedicate this issue to all of those who we consider to be makers — those who, through their power of creation and imagination, provide the platform for us to find new reasons to exist. Enjoy the varied stories gathered from the makers we reached out to for this issue. We hope they inspire you to join the force of
all these individuals and become a maker, too.

Size & Fit

36 x 26 cm


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