Durga I Face Jewel

105.200 Ft
By B Dodi


The Durga I Face Jewellery stainless steel nose piece and ear cuff upgrades a classic piece into a piece of contemporary face jewellery. Silver and gunmetal chains hang between the ears and nose with multiple shaped Salem crosses hanging along with embellished Swarovski crystals.

Composition: Stainless Steel + silver and gunmetal hued chains + Swarovski stones

Care instructions: Gently rub the jewelry with the polishing wipe or a clean cotton cloth. It is advised not to store the jewelry in a humid environment.

Size & Fit

Measure your ear with a tailor tape measure, as shown in the image.
XS 40 to 43 mm
S 43 to 47 mm
M 47 to 51 mm
L 51 to 54 mm
XL 54 to 57 mm


2-3 weeks lead tie