Capri Choker

119.000 Ft 198.200 Ft

Unique one-off choker made of 100% human hair. Tied at the back.

Dimensions : width 5 cm / length 36 cm  (approx.)  

Sold as single

Material: Painted with temporary colors (manic panic, crazy colors) 100% natural hair

Care info: Do not wet while wearing. Colors fade if washed with shampoo, so washing is not recommended. If tangled, lightly wet it with water and carefully brush it, and dry it naturally or with blow dryer. To revive the smooth texture, curl / straighten the hair with a curl iron or a flat iron.

Expect slight variances between pieces, due to the unique processes used.

Please note that made-to-order items are not subject to returns or refunds.

Made in Paris, France

Size & Fit

Dimensions: length 50 cm (approx.) Tied at back. Adjustable.


This item is one off and is shipped within 2 working days from Sweden