Betta Fish Ring Sets, Brass

From 47.800 Ft


All products in this series are hand-polished, and
slight color irregularities upon receipt are normal. The consistency of the natural material on the jewelry can not be guaranteed completely. ANCIENT FUTURE will present the natural wildness and the untamable personality to you while ensuring the quality of the product.

Composition: Brass. 

Size & Fit

Style 1: 2.5X2X2.8 cm. 3,2g
Style 2: 5.3X2.5X2.5 cm. 9.3g
Style 3: 11X4.6X3.5 cm. 18.9g
Style 4: 12X2.5X2 cm. 17g
Style 5: 12X2.8X3 cm. 26.7g
This product supports different
ways of wearing.


This item is in stock and will be shipped from Asia within 1-2 weeks.