Since its launch in 2014, The Forumist has highlighted emerging creativity and served as a platform and hub for novel expressions. This time as The Forumist Store, where we celebrate fine young creatives within art, fashion, design, and beauty.
We are devoted to curating and sourcing progressive and consciously-created pieces from artists and designers across the globe. Our store is a season-less platform for one-off, limited editions, and made-to-order, to reduce the environmental consequences of the current industrial production such as transport and large volumes.
If fashion is to meet the ambitious targets to reverse the damage being done, climate action – big and small – will be required.
Our ambition is to disrupt the industry and the existing patterns of producing and consuming fashion, to improve and inspire a sustainable future. Sustainability as its best combined with love and passion for beauty and uniqueness.
We believe the talents we have scouted and curated hold unique visions to create 
icons of our time and inspiration for tomorrow.