Immerse in the creation of oil or acrylic paintings, glazed ceramic sculptures, or those blow-up steel, original collage artworks, or screenprints of many kinds.


Independent fashion is the spinal core of The Forumist, hand-picked from the young brands of tomorrow that want to push the boundaries of wear.


Contemporary printed silky scarves and bandanas, and bags of all sorts avant-garde bustier-like chest bags in the softest hued tanned leather. We carry it all.


Get yourself a nice selection of screenprints for your walls, set your dinner table with glass shells, and place some pastel steel piped candleholders in your living room.


Independent fashion is the spinal core of The Forumist and we love the diverse creations of our skilful emerging designers.

Free shipping on orders over €500 within EU and from EU to USA/Canada. This does not apply Art and Design.