'Thunder-Snow' Fringe Top



The design.
'THUNDER-SNOW' is made from two layers of a technical jersey prolonged on the front and shoulders with fringes. These 'hair strands' can be braided potentially with other GB2022-CLUB low tops and sleeves. Layered on another top, these fringes can alternatively be left unbraided elongating the silhouette while showcasing the western DNA of the collection.

The making.
'THUNDER-SNOW' is tailored in Sample-cm’s Berlin atelier according to luxury standards. It is enhanced by the signature horse embroidery on the side back and the Sample-cm ribbon on the backwards. 

'THUNDER-SNOW' is part of the GB2022-CLUB, a Grand Bassin collection by Sample-cm Berlin.

Color : Black.

Composition : 85% Polyacrilic. 19% Polyester.

Care : 30°.

Made in Germany

Size & Fit

SAMPLE-CM recommend to braid 'THUNDER-SNOW' with the breast patches 'PETIT-CRIN', 'LADY-SHADOW' or 'ETINCELLE', the sleeves 'GINGER', 'NUAGE-NOIR' , 'SMOKY' or 'TILLIE', the waist belts 'PONY' or 'JOLIE-COEUR' and the skirt ' TORNADO' for a full signature look. When purchasing several pieces, Sample-cm will braid the pieces which can then be worn and washed together or detached.  Your order will be joined with easy braiding instructions.


This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from Germany within 1-3 weeks.