'Summer-Bird' Shoes Jewel


The design.
The GB2022-CLUB shoes jewels are inspired by the horse shoe as an over-heel piece of design. The metal ring is placed around the heel of your pumps and a series of nylon straps embraces the shoes in distributing an elegant braided design.

The making.
'SUMMER-BIRD' is handcrafted in Sample-cm’s Berlin atelier according to luxury standards. It is enhanced by the Sample-cm ribbon. 

'SUMMER-BIRD' is part of the GB2022-CLUB,  a Grand Bassin collection by Sample-cm Berlin.

Color : Camel, Green & Ivory.

Composition : 100% Nylon. Steel Ring Nickel Plate.

Care : Hand wash

Made in Germany

Size & Fit

One Size. Ring diameter : 6cm. Fits any heels heights as long as the heel diameter of your shoe is bellow 6cm. The jewel can be placed easily around any shoes through its back rubber cords.


This item is produced on a made-to-order basis and will be shipped from Germany within 1-3 weeks.