Polarisation Dress


A short dress of black cotton satin. Silver mirror fake leather painted with silicone and cut into strips is worked into the seams of the little black dress. Bonings support the bust and shoulder ribbons keep the dress in place. The dress is closed with a zipper on the back and lined with black polyester lining.

Originating from looking at microscopic images of crystals under polarising light, the visual study has been designed. Mirrors that reflect colors onto each other, creating the impression of ‘light’ being caught in a crystal structure, fluid depending on the perspective of the viewer. The many layers, perspectives, and exciting shapes of the dress make it a beautiful object where with every time looking we can discover a new point of view, lose ourselves in the flows of the organic structures.

Material Composition: Black cotton satin, black polyester lining, silicone-coated silver mirror fake leather, nylon boning.

Made in Zottegem, Belgium.

Size & Fit

Fitted at waist


This piece is a unique one-off piece and will be shipped within 5 working days from Belgium.