Crincle #4 Dress


A collaboration with Esther Stocker. Human perception is hacked by shifting the forms of a most basic graphic grid of black and white. The asymmetrical, sculptural circle shape is made of cotton The material is custom developed and woven in the Netherlands. The grids are woven as tunnels, which allows metal boning to be inserted and organically crunch and drape the material in a floating volume. The piece features an under-construction from black cotton to support the upper volume, with a zipper in the back.

Material is designed by Flora Miranda and Esther Stocker and then custom produced in the Netherlands.

Material is a mix of cotton and polyester (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester). The shape is held by boning inserted as an integral part of the woven structure.

Material Composition: Black cotton satin, black polyester lining, silicone-coated silver mirror fake leather, nylon boning.

Made in Zottegem, Belgium.

Size & Fit

Fits all sizes


This piece is a unique one-off piece and will be shipped within 5 working days from Belgium.