Daisy IV, 2022


Acrylic on canvas.
70 x 70 cm
Signature in the lower right corner.

Frame not included

This painting is about Michaelartz dreams and depression. The way art and colors have helped Michaelartz and the way flowers have been a great metaphor for him in inspiration, and life. Like we need to nurture our dreams feed them and let them grow. Some flowers take more time than others. Some dies and others grow to become the most beautiful flowers that we have ever seen. But they will never see their own beauty. Like the way we see them. It’s kind of the same with us humans. We can live a lifetime, questioning ourselves, doubting, and not knowing our own beauty. Some die and some lives. It’s life. But sometimes you may need to see yourself true somebody else eyes, to truly see your own beauty. Like a daisy.

Size & Fit

Acrylic on canvas.
80 x 80 cm
Signature in the lower right corner.


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