Vegan Leather Tote Panthera, Lavender

CHF 242.00

The PANTHERA Tote is a true representation of what SENTIENT stands for. It is created in the name of the preservation of the MEXICAN JAGUAR, following the Jaguar's scientific name: Panthera Onca. SENTIENT brings the PANTHERA to life to exalt the efforts undertaken by Naturalia, an organization that has been working for more than 30 years to protect Mexico's vital ecosystems and biodiversity.

10 % of the proceeds obtained from each purchase will be donated to Naturalia to support their Initiative Operation Jaguar, creating a network of natural reserves to protect jaguars and other species from extinction.

100 % vegan and sustainable cactus leather.

Features: Produced with vegan and sustainable cactus leather. The lining is a synthetic fiber that is breathable and absorbent, free from toxic substances in its production process. Lead and phthalates free. The factory where it is produced recycles and reuses water used in production. High-quality zip fastening along top, made out of nickel in gold finish. Handmade handle including crossbody extension. Comes with a dust bag. Made in Mexico, Sweatshop Free

Care: This product is highly organic, and just as your skin does, it requires care. Please remove any dirt with a soft and clean cloth, dampened with water. Do not place hot objects on the material. Avoid rubbing or scratching. Remove spills of liquids and foods immediately. Regularly clean areas in contact with body oils and perspiration. Never use harsh chemicals, household cleaning products, or acetone to clean.

Made in Mexico, Sweatshop Free.

Size & Fit

Height: 25 cm. Width: 30 cm. Weighs approximately 700 grams.


This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 5 working days from Mexico.