Mesh bodysuit MAROON

CHF 81.00

A non-underwear item adding intrigue to the natural look of the body, the skin-tight mesh can be taken as an elaborate adornment that can be worn separately as well as over underwear or under any type of shirt, with either snapped or unsnapped high-quality flat bottom buttons. the minimalist nature-inspired item is cut with no-sew edges from featherlight, soft, and highly stretchable 90/10 recycled nylon/elastane Italian fabric, thus being as comfortable as it is aesthetically captivating

Original all-over print design.

Features: Classic high-waist fit, top-quality 90/10 recycled PA/EA fabric, featherlight, soft, semi-transparent, highly stretchable, no-sew edges finish, flat fastening buttons

Made in Ukraine

Size & Fit

Flat buttons, opening at crotch


This piece is in stock and will be shipped within 2 weeks from Ukraine.